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Our sole mission is to provide quality services with emphasis on excellence and value to develop customer relations.

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Our team of locally-based landscaping tree service professionals are here to assist you with remarkable assistance to witness the real difference.

A Top to Bottom – We are here to Provide you with the Best Tree Trimming Services in Virginia Beach and across the United States

We have been providing the best lawn and tree services throughout the United States to let you have a beautiful looking backyard or home garden. So far, we have delivered the finest lawn care and tree services to thousands of all-season commercial and residential gardens./

A Top to Bottom has been working in this industry for a long time now. Therefore, we understand all the ins and outs of giving you the experience you have been expecting out of us. Our only aim is to partner with you for professional tree services and make your place look simply amazing

Whom we offer our affordable tree trimming services –

Being in this industry for a long time now has helped us associate with numerous clients. Resulting, we are blessed with a long list of clientele ranging from corporates to residential. So far, we have offered our affordable tree care services to an array of industries and customer types including –

  • Retail – We help you keep your retail complex and garden area clean, hygienic, beautiful and impressive with our best tree cutting services.
  • Hospitality – Choose from our range of exceptional designs for tree trimming for your hospital, clinic or nursing home garden area to give the place a harmonious look.
  • Multi – Family – Do you live with your entire family in a separate society? We are there to make your place look simply exceptional with our professional tree services.
  • Corporates – Offices are supposed to look their best all the time, and we make sure it does.
  • Residential Areas – If you have a backyard garden & you want to make it party-ready or love keeping it maintained throughout the year, feel free to connect with our team and lawn and tree services right away.

Note – We provide emergency tree services as well. Associate with our experts to learn about it.

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Expertise is a must to ensure your landscape looks great. Let our professionals handle all of your removal and trimming needs. Why hire our team?
We use only safe removal techniques to protect your yard and other trees. We ensure full cleanup and leave you with no mess to worry about later. Our staffers will work with you to ensure that the job is done exactly the way you want it. Trimming even small trees takes an expert touch. Preventative maintenance is the best way to preserve the vitality and longevity of your trees and often times, homeowners wait until it’s too late.  We provide expert Tree Trimming, Hazardous Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Preservation, Tree Pruning, crown reduction, Cabling, Rod bracing and flexible & rigid bracing services with our highly qualified professionals, giving your trees the best care available. Let us provide you the best tree trimming services around, call us today for a free bid.


  • Tree Trimming
  • Stump Removal
  • Lawn Care

Expert Tree Services at Affordable Prices, from removing dead or diseased trees to trimming overgrown or hazardous trees and delicately pruning valuable fruit trees.  Our skilled technicians can recommend the most beneficial treatments, with a dedication to prompt, high-quality services at dependable and affordable prices and care and concern for your property. A Top to Bottom Tree & Lawn Service, is proud to meet all of your tree service needs.

Tree Services Available:
We offer tree preservation services such as insect infestation, disease and decay diagnosis, saving your trees by installing bracing and support systems, tree trimming, pruning, crown reduction, stump and root grinding, tree removal, stump removal, debris removal, and bucket truck services. We can also take care of any hazardous tree removal that you may be of danger to you, your family or possibly your neighbors. We are a complete tree service company. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we offer free, on-site estimates for both residential and commercial accounts.

Lawn Care services Available:
Mowing, edging, leaf removal, shrub and ornimental trimming. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we offer free, on-site estimates for both residential and commercial accounts.

Other services Available:
Landscape design, hardscapes, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, river rock, bolders, mulch, pavers, stepping stones, debris/trash removal, fence removal, installation and repair, pressure washing, top soil and grading.  Your satisfaction is our priority, and we offer free, on-site estimates for both residential and commercial accounts.

    1.     Excessive crowding of trees: Will cause them to grow tall and spindly, weaker and less desirable. Remove less valuable trees to allow the remaining trees to grow properly.
    2.     Thick Canopy: Allowing too much wind resistance and excessive weight. Selectively thin out canopy by reducing the weight and allowing wind to pass through will promote a much healthier tree.
    3.     Leaning Trees: With surface roots and heavy canopy’s, leaning trees can become an emanate danger to people and property. Lighten up or remove depending on situation.
    4.     Boring Insects: Borers are attracted to unhealthy trees, burrowing in and laying eggs inside the trunk. The best defense against these pests is to keep your trees healthy and unstressed.
    5.     Trees growing too close to a structure: This can cause damage to roofs and foundations. To alleviate possible damage, trim back limbs from over roof and if necessary cut roots growing toward the structure.
    6.     Non Native/ Invasive Trees: These trees rob much needed nutrition from native specimen trees. Remove these trees and give life back to your more valuable trees.
    7.     Hardwood Stem Diseases: Such as hispidus canker, hypoxylon cankers, root rot, etc. Remove  diseased trees or treat if possible.
    8.     Tree trimming by unqualified personal: This results in excessive stress on trees and can sometimes caused un-repairable damage. Always rely on a ISA Certified Arborist before this happens, he or she can offer solutions to correct the damage.
    9.     Cracks between dominate and co-dominate stems: These cracks can be caused by too much weight and inclement weather conditions. Lighten up each stem and possibly install cables for support.
    10.     Vines or Ivy Covering Canopy: Vines add excessive weight and wind resistance. Cut or remove ivy or vines to reduce weight and keep your trees healthy.

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